Introducing “ME”

My name is Kreyz Erma, I prefer to be called Erma rather than my other name. Its not that I don’t like the name my parents gave me, I actually think its cute. what I don’t like is that most people usually mispronounce my name as “kreyzi” or worst, “crazy” which they tell me that it actually fits my personality “Crazy”  funny right? Well, lately I’m getting used to them calling me that so I don’t mind it anymore. well, so much for the name let’s get back to…well, ME! haha 🙂

I’m not really good at introducing or describing myself in positive way and for the record it’s my first time writing in this kind of platform I just hope this goes well (crosses fingers) so I’m just gonna randomly write or type, I guess? everything.

So, I just turned 18 and one thing that I realize in life is that as you get older and as years passes by the  mistakes you made in life can not be undone you only learn from it and challenges are made for you to become much more stronger. That’s why you have to live spontaneously but with caution.  I always instill this in my mind because I tend to be VERY pessimistic at most of the situations in my life. negativity creeps in my mind faster than the winds. a-pessimist-is-just-an-optimist-with-experience-quote-1

But most of the time I’m an enthusiastic kind of person I’m very bubbly and I’m that one person who never shuts her mouth up. I like going on adventures and traveling, charot! or more like walking the streets of Butuan with my closest friends. I’m very hyper that’s why people say my name fits my personality crazy. I have a sweet tooth and I go crazy over any chocolate drink and also ice cream too it always makes me happy. basically, food is LOVE ❤ it takes a way any worry that comes my way. I also like watching movies the type of genre’s that I watch are romantic-comedy or any “feel good” movies and specially Korean Dramas, watching korean dramas are always a treat for me 🙂 maybe that’s one of  reasons why I’m hopeless romantic I watch to much of “Notting Hill” and too much of Lee Jung Suk haha 🙂  and did I already mention that one of my dreams is to travel to Korea and other places of the world, hopefully everything becomes true.  And that one day when I read this blog again I am now a Certified Public Accountant or that hopefully I may be successful in whatever path I take in the future. someday, when everything has fallen into place and time would come where I could tell myself that you made it and you did a great job and that the worries and weaknesses I had would turn into strengths. ( Puhon maayong lawas)

This is becoming so random and unorganized I think I should stop. 😛 and I guess that all about everything I could say about myself. I’m not really cynical all the time its just that worrying comes before optimism. confusing isn’t it? (haha) I dare you to figure me out. *winks*



This thin line is getting thinner everyday, I don’t know what will happen when it fades.If this thin line fades, limits will not seem to exist. I’ll lose control, l’ll lose grip, l’ll be running until I knwo where to stop I’ll be running until that thin line becomes visible again. I’ll stop running when someone is able to draw that thin line again. I won’t stop i’ll keep running untill i see that line

Thy Self

I’m not really good at describing myself in positive light, but the most suitable adjective for thy self as a noun would be fearless, for I challenge myself to be the best, to be different from the rest. I try but sometimes fail, I get tired but never surrender. I can both be an optimist and a pessimist at the same time. I try to look at hard situations with a smile. Do not mistake my kindness as my weakness for I can be a lioness that can conquer all the of my demons. I have wit. I have power. I have love, and a voice that’s wants to be heard by others. I put faith in whatever I desire. I can say that I’m truly blessed for the things and people around me.

I sometimes have this wall that is made up of trust issues that I consider as a shield that can’t be broken until I let others to. I find sanity in solitude. I find love in the eyes of my family and friends. I love the ocean, for I can be calm as the waters, cold as the breeze, one with the ocean which makes my soul filled with peace. I have this unexplained obsession for milk tea’s it’s like happiness in a drink. I hate waking up early which makes me a night person obviously and I was never NOT late for everything. Not saying please and thank you is one of my pet peeves. I like taking long walks with my friends. I’m very bubbly and I’m that one person who never shuts her mouth up. I like watching movies rather than reading but I have always desired to become a bookworm but I guess some things just doesn’t suit you . I consider dancing and writing as one of my stress relievers. I love the night, I love looking at the bright starry skies, the moon that shines bright for me radiates good vibes.

Who am I? I don’t know, but I hope and pray that I may be successful in whatever path I take in the future. someday, when everything has fallen into place and time would come where I could tell myself that you made it and you did a great job and that the worries and weaknesses I had would turn into my strengths.Well, basically I’m all sorts of stuff, my chaos makes me beautiful so I dare you to figure me out.

i sea u

she was calm as the waters

cold as the breeze

one with the ocean

soul filled with peace

they had one thing in common

they were blue as the ocean

they share the same color

the color of sad

the color of lonely


the were one with the waves’ motion

just like their own whirlpool of emotions

clashing into the shore

caressing through the sand

and back to the waters

like  roller coaster rides

that runs a whole cycle


that’s when the knew for sure

that they meet at one location

not the streets nor between the trees

but at the place where they meet

and find their inner peace

just look around and you’ll see

then maybe, you’ll see me at sea




Just a thought caught in traffic

It was a dark and stromy evening Skies were gray just like what I was feeling I was out and I got caught in traffic Then suddenly the secnery made me nostalgic Thought of the time when things were stead fast and perfect

Never have I thought that it would come to this point that I would suddenly remember you out of the blue the picture perfect image of us two would suddenly fade and lose its hue what can I do if my heart’s still not ready for you

Should I just be insensitive and never mind any of your perspective should I just say what I feel and forget everything although what you felt was real? Should I blame this foolish heart for not taking courage or did I made the right choice to decline your efforts which resulted to an unavoidable outrage

I understand, and I think I can manage…

To be back like what we were used to, being strange not talking and avoiding each other like strangers used to do.

THEN AND NOW: Social Media as a tool for disseminating information

There are a lot of ways in spreading any kind of information you want people to be aware of, one common example is to simply tell an individual (verbally) about the latest happenings that has been circulating around. Second is through news papers, Radio, and Television. Third is with Social Media. With the help of social media spreading information has been really easy and convenient lately that with just one click away you will be able to inform billions of people or possibly people all over the globe.

In the past years, there was no such thing as social media all they had to help them spread information are Tv, Radio, and Newsprints. All of these were very helpful to a lot of people. For example the government, in times of calamaties and disasters you can’t avoid the fact that there will be a possibilty of good and bad news in this time of need the government will uses these tools to discern information to the public. But unfortunately these tools can possibly delay information.

Moreover, Social media has changed everyhing ever since it was invented and developed throughout the years. Unlike when tv, radio, and newsprints were basically the only tool for spreading pieces of information. Social media now has a new and refined  way for for families to spread the good and bad news to their family members, for social workers to reconnect and update anyone from across the globe and for the government discern information to the public. Thanks to Social media any kind of information will be delivered to you without any delay, and will let you be updated anytime and anywhere.

Trello Vs. Yammer

           Trello is website where you can manage and organize projects of any size. It is an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy and fun. It makes use of the idea of boards for projects and cards for tasks to create an efficient collaboration platform. 

        Yammer, on the other hand is also a kind of collaboration platform but it only allows accounts for companies and organization rather than personal ones to log in in the website. It is used for communication within a certain company. 

The reason why ABM is the Strand for You!

                 As a pioneering student of the new K to 12 curriculum that has been implemented  in the Philippines, the following changes that has been made would leave you clueless and put you in confusion. Nevertheless, proceeding to a next level of education can be really hard specially when you do not really know what you are capable of. One hardship is  choosing a course or strand that is fitting for you, either you choose out of interest or be left undecided.

So, to help you decide about what you truly want, here are reason why you should choose Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) track.

One. This track is for those people who plan on taking up Economic, Business Administration, Accountancy and Marketing in college.

Two. This strand is perfect for those people who are inclined in mathematics.

Third. whether you are just simply interested in having a business in the near future and is a VERY open minded person, this is without a doubt the strand for you.

Lastly. This strand helps students develop and improve future Accountants, Businessmen/women, Managers and the following professions that is inclined with this strand. Without this strand I bet it would not be possible to produce new Accountants and Businessmen/women.